Value-driven strategies.
Traditional and alternative investments.

Domain is continuously evaluating investment opportunities on behalf of current and prospective clients. In recent years, we have successfully closed investments in the following sectors:

Real Estate – Multi-Family; Hotel; Land; Funds; Office; and Structured Debt

Alternative – Private Equity; Venture Capital; Funds; Media & Entertainment; and Structured Debt

Real Estate

  • Multi-Family

    Domain facilitated the investment in, and subsequent strategic partnership with, a national privately held multi-family owner, operator and developer. Domain has played a pivotal role in this partnership by working with the company to develop its strategic plans. Domain interacts with management to monitor operating results and assess new acquisition and development opportunities.

  • hotel

    On behalf of our client, Domain made a majority equity investment in a nationwide portfolio of properties associated with a prominent mid-scale hotel chain. Subsequent investments were made to acquire land parcels under a number of hotel properties, and to purchase an ownership interest in the operating company.

    Domain provides input to the portfolio management team in the annual business plan and multi-year strategic planning process and advises the client on potential individual property and sub-portfolio sales.

  • land

    Domain facilitated an investment in undeveloped land in a growing metro area sub-market. Select parcels were sold to users and merchant builders for office development while the remaining parcels are being held for future office and mixed use development.

    Domain is working through a re-zoning and entitlement process that will increase density to the site and ready the land for development or potential sale.

  • Funds

    Domain invested in an opportunistic real estate fund that targets a range of transitional real estate assets in major urban areas. By acquiring sub-performing and non-performing construction loans, the fund seeks to obtain control of real estate and participate in the development, construction and management of the assets. Due to the breadth of experience in real estate, Domain was able to conduct project-level due diligence on the individual assets prior to committing to the fund, and continues to perform extensive reviews of these assets on a quarterly basis. As part of ongoing asset management responsibilities, Domain is active on the fund’s advisory board.

  • Office

    At the direction of its client, Domain acquired a condominium unit in a mid-rise suburban office building located in an eastern Michigan sub-market. The investment is comprised of the entire fourth floor which is currently occupied by the client and critical to their operations. This opportunity to acquire the space presented a much more economical and stable operating environment.

  • Structured Debt

    Domain engaged in a strategic partnership to invest in an offering of preferred equity in a partnership that owned a majority stake covering numerous floors in a Class A office condominium property in Midtown Manhattan. At closing, the property was 100% leased long-term to credit tenants. The investment was structured with early redemption features, an attractive fixed dividend payment, and financial and other covenants to provide protections against capital loss.


  • Private Equity

    Domain was presented with a partnership opportunity to acquire a merchant promotions company emerging from bankruptcy. Domain identified the distressed pricing and turnaround potential of the company.  Given former management’s return as owner and past success with its core business, Domain views this as a unique investment opportunity.

    Since inception, the operating company has exceeded EBITDA projections as it completes its post-bankruptcy initiatives and new management continues to identify growth strategies and plan process improvements for the coming years.

  • Venture Capital

    Through its relationships, Domain has sourced a number of late stage venture opportunities including a significant equity position in a technology company prior to their initial public offering. The strategy for this investment was to acquire large blocks of shares at below market prices from company insiders seeking liquidity.

  • Funds

    Domain facilitated an investment in a commingled investment fund that acquires life insurance policies through the tertiary market, deriving income from future maturities. By taking advantage of a dislocated sector, this investment vehicle provides opportunistic returns that have very little correlation to the broader markets.  Domain representative also serve on the fund’s Board of Advisors.

  • Media & Entertainment

    Domain acquired a portfolio of entertainment-related assets including back-end participation rights / royalties derived from a variety of produced and seasoned media content. This investment has a low correlation to more traditional asset classes and should provide a predictable, long-term, stabilized income stream.

    In addition to existing content, Domain also acquired participation rights in future productions, which serve to augment and further diversify the portfolio.

  • Structured Debt

    Domain provided long-term subordinated debt to a leading financial services institution serving the agricultural sector. The borrower was seeking a customized financing solution that would provide additional investment capital while maintaining preferential regulatory treatment.  Since origination, the borrower has recorded near double digit income growth while the credit quality of their underlying investment portfolio remains strong.